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About us:

At DREAMCOM, we are actively developing advanced networks that will enable people to develop, to learn and to grow.

A world in which technology extends our reach.

Already, music, books and services no longer have to have a physical format to be sold online. Advanced networks will increasingly provide education, healthcare and other services and goods. For instance, telemedicine already allows patients to seek the best advice from doctors around the world; now robotic aids are beginning to make remote surgery possible. As the pace of technological change increases, DREAMCOM will extend its reach into new technologies, services and markets to create opportunities for our customers.

Our Vision

Dreamcom Communication information System LLC focused to be a leading Mobile service provider company, aiming at the Global Market, establishing successful relationships with our customers and building a solid base of reliable suppliers.

Dream Communication Information System L.L.C is a team of experts equipped with high-level training in terms of technical knowledge as well as professional experience in the market making them one of the best in Mobile Service business across the United Arab Emirates.

With a decade of strategic and operational excellence in the field of Mobile Service we are able to build solutions that matters to our clients and business alike. Our in house industry experts continuously develops different products that offers high level of functionality, flexibility and reliability that is capable of generating improvements among the business.

Through this, we are providing objective and expert guidance combined with functional expertise to create a comprehensive and effective service.


DREAMSOFT Computers L.L.C is Mobile service Provider Company, established in 2004; it is now one of the largest companies in the Middle East for mobile services.DREAMSOFT Computers L.L.C is increasing the relations between Mobile Operators and SME’s worldwide. All our solutions and services are designed and developed in-house by our panel of highly skilled industry specialists offering functionality, flexibility and reliability that is of carrier class capability.

We have been recognized by our partners and peers as a credible mobile services cloud for every client profile. Our global reach with dedicated local presence helps define our multicultural approach and devotion to excellence. We would not only provide our services but also enhance our skills and gain more knowledge and understanding.

By partnering with DREAMSOFT Computers L.L.C you join a global family of forward thinking and pioneer people helping you use the latest in mobile communication technology to enhance your business objectives.

In order to meet set objectives, DREAMSOFT Computer L.L.C is strategic partnerships with Information Communication and Technology stakeholders in various spheres.

DREAMSOFT’s activities/ projects are carried out in partnership with the various institutions that the association interacts, for more information visit